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WATCH: Hillаry Clinton Complеtеly Snubs Prеsidеnt Trump And First Lady Mеlаniа

As Americans and the rest of the world prepare to mourn the loss of one of America’s greatest Presidents, George HW Bush, prominent members of society gathered to pay their respects. Among them, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, and of course, our current President, Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, were sitting front row.

As President Trump entered and took his seat next to the former Presidents, the tension in the air was thick. But that didn’t stop Mr. Trump from taking the high road, shaking hands with Former President Barack Obama and former First lady Michelle.

However, it didn’t go unnoticed that no handshakes were given between Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary, and the current President. In fact, many recognized that Hillary Clinton didn’t even acknowledge Trump’s existence, keeping her eyes focused forward.

Just moments before Trump’s arrival, you can see Hillary and Bill exchanging words with the Obamas. But that was cut short as Hillary decidedly snubbed the current president.

Trump and Clinton have had a tumultuous relationship since 2016, when they ran against each other in a heated contest for President. From that time, there have been many exchanges between the two, resulting in a fiery back and forth.

Many Americans were quick to recognize the slight and took to Twitter to express their frustration. Whether you agree with Hillary or Donald, this was neither the time nor the place for these types of shameful actions.

Here’s what Americans had to say:

What were your thoughts on this situation?