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Wаs the Entire Christine Blаsey Ford Exploit a Shаm? Here’s The Evidence

Western Journal published a shocking op-ed piece written by Terry Ray, which ran on Monday.

In the piece, Ray presented the theory that the entire Christine Blasey Ford episode might have been a total sham. Ray explained that he actually felt sympathy for Blasey Ford after her heart-wrenching testimony against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He wrote that he felt the accuser came off as “very credible and deserving of  my sympathy.”

However, he went on to write that he started to have “buyer’s remorse” the next day; The more he thought about it, the more the story didn’t add up. He indicated that it seemed to be “fabricated.”

Ray, as many of us did, realized that her story had too many holes.

He writes:

Just when all seemed lost for the liberal senators on the committee – their staged interruptions of the confirmation committee hearings having not worked as planned – they had to go to a Plan B.  It had to be something that wouldn’t just disrupt the hearing – it needed to completely blow up the whole process.

It had to be just right for the moment or it would fail, like their interruption ploy. And it was just right — and it came within a whisker of succeeding.

It you break down what they needed to accomplish in Plan B, you will understand what they had to do.

The “Me Too” movement was in full force during the hearings. Many very powerful men were being brought down, one after another, by the sheer force of a bald accusation of sexual harassment.

The movement had become so powerful that no denial by the accused man was strong enough to overcome the assumption that the woman was right.

Ray seems to question whether the Democrats pieced the whole Blasey Ford story together in order to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. So, did the Democrats use Blasey Ford as a pawn, all to further their political agenda? Let’s take a look at what we know.

The Democrats used a 36-year-old alleged sexual assault case to try and stop the conservative Judge from being confirmed onto the Supreme Court (the highest court in our nation.) Ray toys with the idea that the Democrats zeroed in on Blasey Ford after scoping out women who attended high school at the same time as Brett Kavanaugh, girls who could have known the same people that he knew.

He writes that they wound up picking Christine Blasey Ford with the hopes that she would portray a “brave but frightened” woman who “would induce believability, credibility, and sympathy.”

It almost seemed to work, too. Ford gave a hell of a testimony, complete with tears and everything. Looking back, however, all of her answers seemed to have been practiced and memorized, for example her “100& certain” answer. Dr. Ford had also reportedly readied herself for the proxy questioner. She literally read answers aloud. Her lawyers told her not to answer questions that she didn’t want to answer. But her voice was what really resonated with people. She was able to portray a frightened helpless woman, but somehow also had the illusion of strength, the strength a survivor of sexual assault has. But, was the whole thing too rehearsed? Was she tooprepared?

Ray had an interesting theory. He write of Ford, “She was telling a story about being sexually assaulted when she was a child, so to support this illusion, they had her deliver the story in the voice of a child, as though she were that abused child on the witness stand. It was another stroke of theater genius – outrageous but brilliant. And everyone bought it.”

The thing is, Ford lied.

During her lie detector testimony, she was asked if she had ever been taught how to pass a test or if she had taught anyone else how to pass one. She answered, “no.”

A former boyfriend of Ford claimed that she was lying, and said he could prove it. He gave a sworn statement in which he claimed that Ford had taught a friend how to pass a lie detector test. He explained that the friend was looking for a federal job. If you weren’t aware, that’s perjury.

Then there’s Ford’s testimony in which she claimed that she had a horrific fear of flying and a fear of small spaces. The same ex-boyfriend who offered a sworn testimony stated that she was lying about that as well. He said that she had no issue at all flying on airplanes during the time that they dated, and the two had traveled by plane together multiple times. He also stated that she had lived in a small apartment for years. He went on to say that she never mentioned being sexually assaulted, and she never mentioned Kavanaugh’s name.

Recall that Dr. Ford testified that she was nervous about flying to Washington for questioning, as she had a fear of flying. That was a lie. She testified that she and her husband had argued about putting a second front door on their home. That was a lie.

Ford testified that in 2012, she had taken part in a therapy session in which she discovered “recovered” memories of Kavanaugh assaulting her.

Ray writes:

Ford steadfastly refused to turn over the therapist’s notes on the alleged “recovery” session to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The only logical reason she would do this would be if the notes contradict her testimony — or perhaps there never was a therapy session in the first place and, thus, no notes.

There are recent indications that Ford and her lawyers know what’s coming. Almost immediately after Kavanaugh was sworn-in to the Supreme Court, Ford’s attorneys announced they were ending all matters pertaining to his confirmation. Subsequent to this announcement, both Ford and her attorneys have been out of the public eye.

Ford’s story doesn’t hold up, and it’s seeming more and more like the Democrats had a big role in this.