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Rod Rosеnstеin Leaving DOJ Putting Mueller Investigation On Shaky Ground

President Trump made his case to America last night and so did Chuck and Nancy. The dynamic duo looked stilted and bored and out of their depths and brought no one to their side.

Trump, on the other hand, delivered a presidential address that delivered a common sense solution to the major problem all agree we have. Good luck with that Chuck.

The Democrats, on unsure footing after last night, woke up to find to their absolute horror that Rod Rosenstein is leaving the DOJ. (They think Rod is the only one saving America so they will take the news hard.)

From Fox News: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his role in the coming weeks, sources familiar with the matter told Fox News.

Rosenstein wants to ensure a smooth transition for incoming Attorney General nominee Bill Barr and plans to transition out of the job in the coming weeks, the sources said.

Rosenstein long thought of his role as a two-year position and the two-year mark is coming soon, officials close to the departing attorney general told Fox News.

While Rosenstein was never criticized by Trump as heavily as Sessions was, Trump has cited how Rosenstein signed a FISA surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The president has repeatedly decried the DOJ and FBI’s efforts to obtain that surveillance warrant, while blasting the Mueller probe Rosenstein previously oversaw as a “witch hunt.”

Meanwhile, Rosenstein has sparred with Republicans in Congress, especially former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif, over “slow walking” its response to document requests.

The House Freedom Caucus last year drafted articles of impeachment for Rosenstein, describing that effort as a “last resort” if their demands for records were not fulfilled.

Trump nominated Rosenstein to the post in 2017. Prior to this role, Rosenstein worked as the United States attorney for the District of Maryland.

From CBS: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to resign from his post at the Justice Department in a few weeks, CBS News confirms. Rosenstein is planning to depart when the new attorney general, William Barr, is expected to be confirmed.

CBS News correspondent Paula Reid was told Rosenstein always saw this as a two-year position and wants to ensure a smooth transition. But the timing is surprising.

It’s unclear what Rosenstein’s departure means for the special counsel investigation, which he has overseen since he appointed Robert Mueller. Barr will likely inherit oversight of the investigation, but that is not a guarantee.

His previous criticism of the investigation is expected to be a central theme in his confirmation hearings next week.

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