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Lindsey Graham Issues Terrifying Threat To Hillary Clinton And James Comey In Explosive Interview

Lindsey Graham just sat for an explosive interview with the New York Times and he held nothing back. Lindsey, almost by himself, saved the Kavanaugh nomination from the hit job of the century.

To be sure, Kavanaugh was in trouble and Lindsey turned the tables on the stunned Democrats and exposed the smear job for the charade that it was. He turned the tide and Kavanaugh breezed to confirmation even picking up Manchin’s vote.

Lindsey has also grown very fond of President Trump and the two each tell the other the hard truths. He said of Trump, “I enjoy his company,” Mr. Graham said. “I’ve spent more time talking to him than any president — all of them combined.”

Lindsey had defended Jeff Sessions and warned Trump against firing him, but that is all over, “What people don’t understand is that I have done my part. Mueller’s going to do his job. Sessions is going to be orderly transitioned out.”

This is big news as this is the first time Lindsey has confirmed that Sessions is gone after the midterms. Sessions has done a terrific job and it seems to be a rash move to get rid of him but Trump deserves to have who he wants as Attorney General.

But it was what he told the New York Times about what will happen when the GOP keeps the Senate as everyone is predicting. It is not in the bag – it is dead even across too many races in both houses – but it appears the GOP keeps the Senate and will lose the house by a slim margin.

Asked about that likely scenario he fired off a threat heard loud and clear by Hillary and Comey. From The New York Times:

He said as well that he wants to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee after the election, if the current chairman, Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, grabs the gavel of the Finance Committee.

Should that happen, he said, he would initiate an oversight investigation into whether the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. were “in the tank” for Mr. Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, joining similar efforts in the House.

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