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Just In: Criminаl Investigаtion Lаunched in Floridа After Tens of Thousаnds of Votes “Appear” Says Hannity

It was announced on Monday evening by Fox News host Sean Hannity that a criminal investigation was officially being launched into Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach Counties after allegations of election fraud.

Last Tuesday evening (Election Night), Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) and Republican Ron DeSantis were ahead in the polls.

The Gateway Pundit writes, “Now Democrats are working to steal the elections. Then Democrats in Palm Beach and Broward counties started manufacturing tens of thousands of new votes for several days. By Saturday Scott’s lead went from 83,000 to 12,562 votes in the Florida Senate race. Desantis’s lead also shrunk by tens of thousands of votes. On Tuesday Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.”

By Friday morning, 717,000 votes had been cast in the county’s midterm elections, according to Broward County Elections officials.

Now it has been reported that within just two days, Broward County Democrats have “found” 83,000 votes.

On Saturday at noon, “all Florida counties met the latest deadline” in order to turn over election totals, the Gateway Pundit reports.

Governor Rick Scott is ahead of Senator Nelson by just 12,562 votes after three days of processing the votes of Broward and Palm Beach County.

This is a huge difference from his 80,000 vote lead, which he had on election night.

The Gateway Pundit claims that “Massive voter fraud is being witnessed by observers in both Palm Beach County and Broward County.”

Take a look at what Fox News’ Sean Hannity had to say about the situation this past Monday:

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