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Broward County’s Elections Supervisor Has Been Found “Incompetent and Possibly Criminal” a Total of 12 Times According To Report

While both the Democratic and Republican Parties delve into the votes of Florida’s Broward County, it has been reported that the Sunshine State’s senatorial and gubernatorial races begin to come closer to a tie… and something is fishy.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has stated that this isn’t the first time the County’s elections office has been accused of malfeasance.

“This is at a minimum a pattern of incompetence. Voters deserve better,” the Florida Senator explained on Thursday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“This is not even a partisan thing. This is a county that apparently cannot even count votes as well as a county that just got wiped out by a hurricane,” he continued.

Governor Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Broward County’s Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes on Thursday. In the suit, he claimed that she had refused to notify them of votes that had yet to be counted.

Western Journal writes, “The vote totals Snipes tabulated two days after the election would have readers believe that more people cast votes for agricultural commissioner than for U.S. Senator.”

On top of that, liberal Perkins Coie attorney Marc Elias, who had also been hired on at Fusion GPS so the Democratic National Committee could investigate then-presidential candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Elias has been hired on by the Democrats to litigate a recount.

Western Journal writes:

The Republican National Committee also pointed out 12 times news stories using its own headlines where Snipes has “been outright incompetent and possibly criminal”:

1 — Illegally destroying ballots (Sun Sentinel, May 14, 2018)

2 — Absentee ballots that never arrived (Miami Herald, November 6, 2018)

3 — Fellow Democrats accused her precinct of individual and systemic breakdowns that made it difficult for voters to cast regular ballots (Miami Herald, November 4, 2014)

4 — Posted election results half an hour before polls closed – a very clear violation of election law. (Miami Herald, November 2, 2018)

5 — Sued for leaving amendments off of ballots (Miami Herald, October 20, 2016)

6 — Claiming to not have the money to notify voters when their absentee ballot expired (Sun Sentinel, November 8, 2018)

7 — Having official staffers campaign on official time (Broward Beat, July 20, 2016)

8 — Problems printing mail ballots (Miami Herald, November 2, 2018)

9 — Accusations of ballot stuffing (Heritage, August 1, 2017)

10 — Voters receiving ballots with duplicate pages (Miami Herald, November 2, 2018)

11 — Slow results and piles of ballots that cropped up way after Election Day (The Capitolist, November 8, 2018)

12 — Opening ballots in private, breaking Florida law (Politico, August 13, 2018)

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