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As Trump Stepped off Air Force One in Missouri, He Looked Out & Saw a Sign From God

The mainstream media has already is already declaring victory for the Democrats in next week’s mid-term elections. They’re saying the enthusiasm is ALL on the Democrats’ side and that President Trump and his supporters have lost steam and can’t turn out the vote.

But what Pres. Trump just saw in Missouri is the media’s worst nightmare.

As Pres. Trump stepped off the plane and onto the stage in Missouri just now, the camera panned around and something amazing happened.

The ENTIRE crowd, tens of thousands of people, started chanting “USA! USA!” and would not stop cheering for President Trump for over 2 minutes straight! You can see the joyful surprise on Pres. Trump’s face as he kept trying to begin his speech, only to be interrupted by the raucous crowd.

Watch this then spread it so we can debunk the media lies. Just LOOK how big this crowd is and the mainstream media refuses to show it. It will give you chills.