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After Reporter Asked if Trump Cаlled to ‘Congrаtulаte’ Nаncy Pelosi, Watch Sarah Huckabee Embarrass Them

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders faced off with reporters last night after most of the election results were in. Not surprisingly, they immediately went negative, asking how Pres. Trump is reacting to his parting being “pushed from power” by the Democrats.

The Press Secretary was strong as usual, making it clear that this election was a clear victory for the President and all the liberal media predictions were wrong.

“… Anybody that was anticipating a blue wave tonight’s not gonna get it. Maybe you get a ripple but I certainly don’t think theres a blue wave.” 

Then, reporters asked Sarah if the President would call Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her on potentially regaining her position as Speaker of the House. Her brutal response left them in silence.

“I’m not sure why he would call Nancy Pelosi considering a lot of members of her own party said they wouldn’t support her,’ Sanders asserted. ‘If Democrats win tonight, I think you need to wait and see who their speaker is.”

BURNED!! Watch the 2 minute video clip here then share this everywhere if you stand with Sarah and Pres. Trump.

Huckabee-Sanders continued by pointing out how Pres. Trump was directly responsible for some of the biggest wins of the night, with his huge rallies leading to victories in several of the close Senate races.

“The Senate race in Indiana huge moment for the President. Somebody he did an event for just yesterday… Obviously, candidates that have embraced the President, embraced his policies, and that he’s gone in and campaigned for and worked hard for, we’re seeing that payoff tonight.”

Full story here.

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