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Trump Wins Again As New Court Docs Show No Russian Collusion And Dems Are Furious

Paul Manafort just got some bad news from federal prosecutors who just released a stunning 800-page sentencing memorandum.

They say Manafort deserves no leniency for cooperating (against Trump we presume?) as he lied repeatedly.

But the documents also contain information sure to make Adam Schiff lose his mind – no mention of Russian collusion.

The Democrats have staked everything on Russian collusion, if it is not true it will have a devastating effect on the 2020 election. If after all this, there are no charges collusion or conspiracy charges it will be a blow the left will not recover from.

From The Federalist Papers: Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed his sentencing memo on Paul Manafort and there is bad news for Democrats.

There is not one place in the 25 page memo that even hints at collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump, The Daily Mail reported.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has finally filed its delayed and redacted sentencing memo in one of its two criminal cases against Paul Manafort.

And the devastating sentencing memo reveals Manafort’s ‘criminal actions were bold’ and some were committed while he was working as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman.

Furthermore his criminal activity continued while he was on bail from the Mueller’s court.

Trump’s former trusted campaign chairman’s sentencing memorandum was due to be publicly available by midnight Friday, but failed to come to light, suggesting that the document might have been under a seal.

The document was supposed to outline all the facts prosecutors should consider in weighing a jail sentence for the 69-year-old, who’s been sitting in jail since June.

He pleaded guilty in September to conspiracy against the U.S. and conspiracy witness tampering stemming from his Ukrainian political consulting work.

But what it did not include was any mention of collusion or election tampering with Russia.

From The Daily Mail:

Manafort Docs Show No Russian Collusion Evidence And Adam Schiff’s Furious

Paul Manafort is now a multiple felon. His convictions are from a trial and a guilty plea. Here is the complete list. On August 21, 2018 by a jury after trial at federal court in Alexandria, VA, found guilty of:

Five counts of submitting false tax returns

Two counts of bank fraud

One count of failing to disclose a foreign bank account

The jury did not reach a verdict on 10 more charges

On September 14, 2018, ahead of a trial at federal court in Washington D.C., he pleaded guilty to:

One count of conspiracy to defraud the United States

One count of witness tampering

In the plea deal Manafort agreed to co-operate and pleaded guilty to 10 other charges, with the deal saying those would be dropped if he completely co-operated.

But he did not completely co-operate meaning he is also going to be sentenced for:

Three counts of failing to disclose a foreign bank account

Two counts of bank fraud

Five counts of bank fraud conspiracy  

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