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Liz Warren Commits Political Suicide With Self Serving Reparations Proposal

Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP. She is more gaffe-prone than even Joe Biden but with a devastating twist.

Her gaffes are not innocent slip-ups like uncle Joe’s but rather are lethal to her 2020 campaign because she can’t get out from under her fake native American past.

It almost seems like she wants to keep that story in the news…how else to explain her plan for reparations?

Some will call it absurd, others will call it self-serving, that is if she can find a native American tribe who will claim her.

Look this is basically political suicide because no one can take her seriously after a stunt like this. How would we go about reparations anyway?

No one knows, but we know this pandering is a turn off to voters and all it does it remind Americans that should we ever give reparations, race grifters like Liz Warren would somehow find a way to scam the system like she did before.

From the Unz Review Via Washinton Post:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Friday evening that Native Americans should be “part of the conversation” on reparations, showing a willingness to expand the debate over whether minority groups that have faced discrimination should be financially compensated by the federal government.

Warren is one of four Democratic presidential hopefuls who have said in recent days that they’re open to providing some type of reparations to African Americans who are descendants of people who were enslaved in the United States, although they’ve offered varying levels of details about how the goal would be achieved.

So far, Warren is the only one to entertain the notion of including Native Americans. “I think it’s a part of the conversation,” she said when asked whether the group should also receive some kind of relief. “I think it’s an important part of the conversation.”

She doesn’t seem to have a politician’s needed knack for knowing when to change the subject and answer a different question than the one asked.

This ground is fraught for Warren, who claimed to be Native American for about two decades when she was a law professor. She has apologized for doing this, but the issue dogged her in her first Senate race and has been a persistent source of tension in her nascent presidential bid.

… Warren did not talk about reparations as part of her address. She recently told the New York Times that she would support the concept. Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) and former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro both have said in vague terms that they support reparations for black Americans. Self-help guru Marianne Williamson has offered a detailed plan to give black Americans $100 billion.

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