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CLINTON RAPE VICTIM COMES FORWARD – Reveals the Truth After 2 Decades

Hillary Clinton was humiliated on Thursday when Juanita Broaddrick, who was raped by former president Bill Clinton in the 1970s, came back to expose his wife’s dirty little secret.

Mad World News reported that Thursday was International Women’s Day, which is a day meant to celebrate the accomplishments of females all over the world. A self-described “warrior for women,” Hillary tried to celebrate the holiday with a smug social media post, but it didn’t take long for it to backfire.

“In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, I want to celebrate some of the women and girls who inspire me every day,” Hillary tweeted on Thursday. “These women resist inequality, insist on a better world, persist against all odds, and enlist others in our shared fights.”

Hillary went on to Tweet about some women who she claims to think are making the world a better place:

However, Hillary was ignoring the fact that she had spent decades bullying her husband’s sexual assault victims in order to keep them quiet. Somehow, Hillary seems to have thought that everyone had forgotten what she had done to Bill’s victim, but she quickly learned she was dead wrong.

“Rachael Denhollander and the many women of US Gymnastics have bravely shone a light on sexual assault in sports,” Hillary tweeted alongside a photo of Denhollander.

When Broaddrick saw what Hillary was posting on Twitter, she knew she had to say something.

“We are all proud of THEM, Hillary. Are you proud of yourself for enabling and protecting YOUR Husband, Bill Clinton for RAPE and sexual assault??” Broaddrick wrote in response to Hillary.

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