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AMEN! Tomi Lahren Just Destroyed Mueller On Live TV, Says Two Words That’ll Ruin Him

Tomi Lahren just destroyed Mueller’s Russia investigation and all of the corruption that surrounds it right on Live TV.

What she said it going viral and Robert Mueller and the democrats NEED to see this.



“It’s time for Final Thoughts and I think I speak for Americans on both sides of the political divide when I say: we are sick and tired of these corrupt politicians wasting our time and money on this Russia investigation.”

“Seriously, this is so ridiculous – in every way and on all sides.”

“We, the American taxpayers, are spending millions on this Russia probe because some corrupt politicians, consultants, and businessmen apparently couldn’t help but be crooked snakes.”

“We are spending God-only-knows how much on lawyers, staff, panels, prosecutors, and paperwork. And if that doesn’t tick you off, you’re not paying attention.”

“Oh, and the worst part is, it’s nearly impossible to tell from public reports exactly how much this probes is costing taxpayers – and the committees running the investigations refuse to talk about it.”

“The money is just a part of this continuous annoyance. Don’t forget, we’ve got our elected representatives on House and Senate intelligence committees spending a huge chunk of their time – of our time – investigating this crap.”

“Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be investigating. I’m personally ticked off we have to be tangled up in this BS in the first place. Whether it’s Manafort or Podesta or dossiers or secret meetings, the whole thing stinks.”

“Don’t get it twisted, Donald Trump won the election fair and square. Russia didn’t force Hillary to delete emails, smash cell phones with hammers, lie about Benghazi, run a sham influence-selling charity foundation, rely on identity politics, or ignore the Rust Belt.”

“Nah, that was all her. Still, it’s not cool that both sides did some shady stuff. What exactly? We may never know. We may spend millions of dollars and countless hours on this and still never know.”

“While hardworking Americans of all stripes are busting our humps to make a living, we’ve got swamp rats sucking us dry. It’s disgusting and at the very least, frustrating. This is why Americans don’t trust D.C. Seems like every day of the year someone is trying to get away with something at our expense.”

“So I’ve got a solution: crooks, all of you, just give it up. Come forward, admit what you did, suffer the consequences, then get the heck out. If you need to be treated like toddlers, so be it. You’re gonna get caught, so instead of stretching this thing out for another six months to a year or longer, just put your hands up and throw in your swamp-drenched towels. You owe us that much.”

“Then maybe we can get back to the important things, the things that brought us to the polls on November 8th, 2016. We didn’t vote for Russia or scandals or closed-door BS. We voted for national security, border security, tax reform, Obamacare repeal, education and balanced budgets.”

“I know that’s what our President wants to accomplish for us – for all of us. Let’s get it done because watching both sides trade Russia accusations is not what we signed up for. Amen.”

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